Why Traveling Alone Is Such A Waste Of Good Vacation Time

The best reason to travel solo at least once is to see for yourself why it’s not a good idea for several reasons. Traveling alone may be enjoyable for the first day or two, but after that reality sets in and the truth comes out. Right about the time you see something and start to point and say “wow, look at that!” it becomes glaringly obvious that single traveling being enjoyable is mostly a myth. Having someone to share the view with is priceless.

As much as we may love the people in our lives, some of us travel alone because we need a breather from home life. If that’s the case, you don’t necessarily have to travel with a person you’ve known for years. There are professional escorts like Amber Bowen that can connect you with the perfect travel companion. As long as you are honest on your profile, they can help you find a person you’ll enjoy getting to know.

Solo Travel Can Actually Cost More, Not Less

Having someone along to share expenses with makes a big difference. When you’re alone the expense of taxi’s, rental cars and a room are all on you if there is no one to split costs with. Tour groups are supposed to be economical but not when you consider many of them charge “single supplements” for those that come alone. By the end of your trip chances are you will have spent more to enjoy it less.

A companion enables the both of you to get more enjoyment out of your travel budget simply because there will be more to spend on those “must have” souvenirs or local attractions. You wouldn’t have to decide between one event or another, you can afford them all with a friend along.

Don’t Allow Loneliness To Spoil Your Trip

Simply put, a traveling companion is the best way to avoid depression when you’re supposed to be having fun. Most people don’t even realize they are lonely until they find themselves in a crowd full of others laughing and talking together. It’s at this point most of us begin to realize the true worth of a companion to travel with.

Dining out and trying local dishes is a big part of vacation time fun but when you’re sitting in a nice restaurant with only one plate on the table, that is the opposite of fun. You may begin to feel awkward at best and rush your meal so you can leave that much faster. Vacations should mean leisurely meals and someone to share them with. There’s certainly no shame in eating alone but after the first few times it can get downright depressing.