Traveling Solo Can Be More Limiting Than Fun

Laughing with a familiar face is supposed to be part of the fun. You don’t have that option when your on your own and there are other things you likely won’t get to do either. Some things simply take two or they lose their attraction. Cycling in your hometown by yourself is one thing, but doing the same thing to see the sights in a strange place loses its appeal quickly. Now imagine the pure fun of doing the same thing with Amber Bowen.

Most tourist attractions, even those “off the grid” just aren’t the same on your own. Companions increase the “adventure” factor of a trip by expanding the territory you roam around in. Your chances of enjoying things you normally wouldn’t think of on your own are better with company. Imagine skydiving by yourself as compared to sharing the adrenaline rush with a friend. There is no comparison.

Adventure shared with a friend is the opportunity to make memories that put a smile on your face every time you think of them. Someone to share a meal with makes the food taste so much better, and when you bring out the photo collection of your trip there will be more to them than face shots because your traveling friend will be there to take them for you.